Roof Certs.

Roof inspections are necessary to assess not only the life expectancy of the roof, but the current condition roof as well. Our inspectors are trained to uncover any possible deficiencies. Pictures are taken from several angles and vantage points.

In the event that any roof repairs are found to be needed, these repairs must be satisfied before a certification can be issued by your inspector. If no repairs are needed, and certification can be provided to you same day, on site!

A Roof Certification Covers:

≫ Examination of the over all appearance of the interior/exterior of the roof to determine if there is any deterioration or physical damage.
≫ Examining for leaks and cracks
≫ What the condition is of fascia boards, gutters, drains, chimneys, vents, and skylights (if accessible)
≫ Assess the current condition of the shingles
≫ Determine if there are missing/damaged flashing points

** It is always important to be ready for all of your inspections. Being prepared saves you money in the long run, because the chances of needing a re-inspection are greatly reduced. A big part of being prepared is making sure that all of the necessary area’s both inside of the property and out are easily accessible to your inspector at the time of your inspection.

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