Cert. of Balcony

The state of Florida requires a balcony inspection for all public lodging establishments. This includes hotels, and condos/apartments that are three or more stories high.

Our inspectors will visually inspect the balcony and take note of each deficiency, if any. They will provide you with a general description of the types of deficiencies found. If any issues are found, depending on the type, your inspector may recommend you seek further evaluation from a specialist. This specialist will guide you in the right direction as to what steps would need to be taken moving forward with the necessary repairs. Once repairs have been made, your inspector can reevaluate the property.

A Certificate of Balcony Inspection Includes:

≫ Balconies
≫ Railings & Fastners
≫ Decking
≫ Wall Attachments
≫ Ledger Boards

(For all lodging establishments 3 stories or higher)

** It is always important to be ready for all of your inspections. Being prepared saves you money in the long run, because the chances of needing a re-inspection are greatly reduced. A big part of being prepared is making sure that all of the necessary area’s both inside of the property and out are easily accessible to your inspector at the time of your inspection.

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