Adding precautionary protective attributes to your home that will help increase resistance to high winds caused by major storms and hurricanes may qualify you for credits on your insurance policy. A wind mitigation inspection helps determine whether or not your home has these attributes.

A Wind Mitigation Will Determine:

 What year the home and roof were built in
 Type of roof, size of nails, pattern the nails are in, etc.
 Roof to wall attachments
 Types of exterior openings the home has
 Whether or not attic has resistance features to the elements of a hurricane

Helpful Preparedness Tips For Your Wind Mitigation Inspection :

For your wind mitigation inspection, your inspector must access the following:

Exterior of Property (Full Perimeter)
All Windows & Doors
The Attic

** It is always important to be ready for all of your inspections, including a 4-point and wind mitigation inspection. Being prepared saves you money in the long run, because the chances of needing a re-inspection are greatly reduced. A big part of being prepared is making sure that all of the necessary area’s both inside of the property and out are easily accessible to your inspector at the time of your inspection.

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