Home/Condo Inspections

A home inspection is an examination of the condition of a home, condo, or mobile home that is up for sale. The object of this type of inspection is to empower the buyer with the information they need to make an informed decision on their future investment. The focus of a home inspectors examination will not be on cosmetic defects, but more so on the major defects of the home, condo, or mobile home. Defects that will likely cost the buyer a great deal of money in repair costs down the line after the property has already been purchased.

A Home/Condo/Mobile Home Inspection Includes:

 Property Interiors (Including Doors & Windows)
 Property Exteriors
 Foundation, Crawlspaces & Structure
 Attic, Insulation & Ventilation
 Plumbing Systems
 Electrical Systems
 Heating Systems
 Central Cooling Systems

** It is always important to be ready for all of your inspections. Being prepared saves you money in the long run, because the chances of needing a re-inspection are greatly reduced. A big part of being prepared is making sure that all of the necessary area’s both inside of the property and out are easily accessible to your inspector at the time of your inspection.

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